About Me

I am a 20something year old newlywed. I am a vegetarian (have been all my life) and my husband is a meat-eater so I am constantly thinking of meals that will satisfy both of us. He says that he will eventually become a vegetarian once we start having kids so we can raise them healthy and stuff. I wanted to document my journey for several reasons: One being I want to keep all my recipes in one place so that I don’t forget. I also want my future children to be able to look back and see the lessons I learn along the way. The final reason is for me to have an outlet/hobby that is constructive and can help others. Writing is a great stress reliever for me and so is enjoying good food..it’s all so..therapeutic. Hence the name, Food Therapy.

This will be the place I come to after a long day of work. I have no professional experience in cooking and I’ve listed all my disclaimers in my first post. In fact, my degrees are in engineering..but that doesn’t mean I don’t know good food when I see/taste it. I love food. I love trying new things and experimenting and then coming up with something so good that I surprise myself! I promise I will share it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Finding out what works and what doesn’t work is a part of the learning process, right? And I am all about continuing education 🙂

A lot of changes in my life happened within a short period of time and I am still adjusting to my new life. But new life means new beginnings and a time to start over. So here’s to new beginnings and Food Therapy! *raises and clinks glasses*

Side note: The mini peach cobblers in the background picture are from our wedding, catered by B&C catering in Nashville, TN–Photo taken by Lotus Blossom Photography

The wooden spoons were just taken from Google images..I thought they were cute and artsy 🙂


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