Vegetarian Enchiladas

Hello Hello! It’s been a while…It’s that time of year when every one of my classes are assigning homework every week, due the next week. So even though I’ve been on my computer for hours at a time, blogging has been pretty low on my priority list. Cooking has also seemed to have taken a back seat during this time and to quote Sweet Brown, “ain’t nobody got time for dat!” (I’ve actually been saying this phrase for a while now but that youtube clip cracks me up every single time!)

The truth is I have to make the time which is easier said than done. I have realized something though: I do have time to cook but I don’t have time to cook from scratch. At least not yet…not at this time in my life. I truly admire people who have those skills and in time, I hope to practice more of it..but as for right now, I really don’t have the time. So that is why most of the recipes on my blog come from cans or packages or boxes..I’m not the healthiest vegetarian and I still consider myself a beginner cook. This blog is for beginners like me and maybe people who are interested in being vegetarian but don’t know where to start or what options they have. Anyways, just wanted to put that disclaimer out there.

Now for the enchiladas, I came up with this recipe on my own from trial and error so here ya go!


vegetarian refried beans, flour tortillas, enchilada sauce, onion, frozen broccoli, corn, chilli powder, shredded cheese, and other seasonings (salt, pepper, etc)20130125_19140320130125_192529

Heat the frozen broccoli (or microwave it); then when it is soft, add the corn and chopped onion. After a while, add the beans. Mix everything together including chilli powder and seasonings and preheat the oven 350 or 375.


Grease a baking pan and put 2 tortillas at the bottom.


Put bean mixture in a tortilla and add shredded cheese, then wrap it like a burrito


I poured a little water over it because last time I did it, it was a little dry but this time they were a little too soggy for my taste. But I also didn’t do as many as I did last time..anyways, you don’t need to add the water. Just pour the enchilada sauce and cheese over it.


Put in oven for an hour covered in foil.


After I took it out the oven, the cheese had all stuck to the I had to add more cheese, so that’s why the cheese isn’t melted in the picture.

20130126_142050<<Added some rice..


There you have it and it’s delicious!