Jamaican Veggie Patties (also known as Meat Pies)


For some reason, I’m not as excited about new years as when I was younger. I’ve never done the resolution thing. I think since college I’m more excited about academic years and measure my life in semesters..like my new year begins in August and ends in May. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful to see 2013 and feel blessed for all that happened in 2012. Now I’m starting my second semester in grad school, and I’m closer to knowing what I want to do with my life than I was last year which is cool.

My holiday break was awesome! My husband and I finally went on our honeymoon..Christmas was skiing in Breckenridge, CO and New Years was spent in St. Thomas and St. John, Virgin Islands. Which brings me to the recipe for today, my father is Trinidadian so I grew up with a lot of West Indian/Caribbean foods. However, while we were in the Virgin Islands, we stayed at a lovely resort and went to all these touristy places and all we ate was American food! So when we got back, I was inspired to make some patties..in Louisiana they’re called Natchitoches Meat Pies. I googled a few recipes and came up with one of my own.

Jamaican Veggie Patties Ingredients:

Pastry: 4 cups of flour, 1/2 c vegetable oil, 1/2 c margarine, 2 tsp salt, 2 c water, 1 tsp curry powder

Meat mixture: 1/2 onion, scallion, Morningstar Griller crumbles, curry powder, frozen mixed vegetables (option), cumin, season salt, minced garlic, 1 or 2 eggs, and a whole bunch of other seasonings

To make the flaky pastry, mix the flour, oil, margarine, and salt together.  Add the water and knead it together in a cylinder shape, put it in the refrigerator while you make the meat mixture.



Heat the griller crumbles with oil and chop the onion and scallions and add them to the frying pan. You can also add frozen mixed vegetables if you want, I’ve tried it and it turns out just as good. Add seasonings and garlic and put into bowl and mix in eggs.


Take the dough out of the fridge and cut it into pieces that can be rolled out. As you can see, I still don’t own a rolling pin (hence the shot glass)..I still have some money on my Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift card so I will invest in one soon.  Try to roll the dough out in a circle and put the meat mixture in the middle. Then, fold it over and crimp the edges with a fork.


I’m sure there are prettier ways of doing it but it’s the taste that counts right?

Oh I forgot to mention that you should preheat the oven to 400. Bake for 30 min.


They turned out really tasty..but to make it more Jamaican, I should’ve added some more curry or Jerk seasonings or something. It was also a little dry so maybe next time I’ll add some ketchup or sauce or something. The pastry part was great, buttery and flaky. If you want a more robust recipe, check out Emeril’s recipe.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and are ready for what 2013 has to offer!


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