Good Morning Love!

I love John Legend’s voice. It’s so soothing..I’m not a great breakfast cooker but I want to share a simple thing I do. I must warn you that it’s nothing extremely creative and is actually pretty ordinary but its the simple things right.

This past Sunday I had the chance to sleep in a little and when I woke up, I decided to make these croissants with links also known as pig in the blankets. My husband and I both had tests on Monday so we were in for a long day and night of studying. Being a grad student/newlywed I find myself constantly tired. Nobody tells you about this’s definitely not in the university brochures or marriage manual (if there is such thing as one). Anyways, this is one of my comfort foods before and after studying.


The hot chocolate was a nice touch..just missing marshmallows. Does anyone know if they have gelatin-free marshmallows? I enjoyed these very much before my tedious study session. But now midterms are over, we have a very brief break before the craziness of November projects and finals in the beginning of December. Does anyone wanna share their favorite comfort foods?


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