Quick and Easy

For my first food-related post, I’ve decided to share with you my quick go-to “recipes” that I use..usually on Fridays (btw I put recipes in quotes because not all of them are exactly homemade). Let me explain my schedule real quick: I have classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday; and on Mon and Wed, I stay at school late and get home late. So my husband and I have an agreement that I cook on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and the weekends are up for grabs. (I usually end up cooking Saturday too) The other days are for leftovers or fastfood (since I’m just realizing how much my husband does not like leftovers, but that will be another post for another time.)

On Fridays, I get back from class around 1:30pm and do the cleaning, laundry, etc. I am usually exhausted from the entire week so I try to make a quick meal. A few of my Friday go-to meals are as follows:

baked potatoes with chili or baked beans

frozen pizza

haystacks (I will show a picture later but for those who aren’t familiar..they are also called “frito pies”)

hot dogs (Loma Linda’s Big Franks)

instant mashed potatoes, brown gravy from packet, and Morningstar Grillers with onion

Those are just a few choices..and I know what you’re thinking: that sounds really unhealthy. And I’m not gonna argue..I said “quick and easy” not necessarily super healthy. And I usually add some broccoli, spinach, or salad to each meal.

My veggie meats of choice are all from the Morningstar Farms brand as seen above. I admit that I am a Morningstar fanatic. The product is made out of soy beans and other organic ingredients. They can be a little heavy on the sodium but taste soo good. Let me go ahead and translate some veggie meat terms from Morningstar since some of you might not know:

Grillers- hamburgers (also comes in Griller Crumbles- ground meat)

Stripples- baconlike strips

Chik’n Patties- chickenlike patties (also comes in Chik’n Strips and Chik’n Nuggets)

Patties- sausage patties

Links- sausage links..and the list goes on but those are the main ones I use. They can be found in the freezer section at Walmart or most grocery stores. Sometimes it’s near the frozen breakfast stuff and sometimes its near the frozen vegetables.

Quick and Easy #1 Griller Hamburgers

We received a Panini grill as a wedding present and didn’t really think that we would use it that often. But it turns out a Panini grill can be used for more than just a Panini! We put the frozen grillers on it and then we made the hamburger (lettuce, cheese, etc) and put the whole hamburger on the grill and pressed it (hence the grill marks on the bun). Turned out awesome!

Quick and Easy #2 Fajitas

This just takes onion, bell pepper (yellow, red, green), Morningstar Chikn strips, and taco or fajita sauce from packet (can be found next to the gravy in the store). I like to put it in flour tortillas with lettuce and shredded cheese.

Quick and Easy #3 Bird’s Eye Teriyaki Stir Fry

This pic was actually taken after my husband took his share but it is really quite filling. Bird’s Eye frozen Teriyaki Stir Fry is a frozen mix of noodles and vegetables and includes a packet of teriyaki sauce (found at Walmart). Once you put it all in the frying pan it takes 20 to 25 min tops. I usually add some soy sauce and seasoning but it is really good by itself also. I also make some instant white rice to complete the meal.

Quick and Easy #4 Cheese and Mushroom Quesadillas

I cut up regular mushrooms and green onion, saute in the frying pan with a little olive oil. Place the mixture with pepper jack shredded cheese in a flour tortilla sandwich and place it on our infamous Panini grill (as seen above) and press! I like to eat them with some salsa or sour cream.

Welp, those are a few of my go-to meals..I apologize for the quality of pics, right now I’m only using my phone camera because it is convenient. Maybe if I start getting more viewers I’ll be more professional with these pictures lol.

Well, Bon Apetit is taken so I’m still on the search for a cool catch phrase..maybe I’ll think of one before the next post.


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