Welcome World!

I have recently taken a liking to this blogging business but I’m not sure about food blogging..apparently I have a lot to learn as shown by the book above. I do know that I’ve always found it easier to express myself through writing than any other outlet. I’ve entitled this “Food Therapy” because the basis of this blog will be vegetarian recipes that I have found or created and I will also include anecdotes or lessons I’ve learned. Being a newlywed, my husband and I discussed prior to marriage that I would be the cook of the house and considering I have only cooked for myself for the past 5 plus years, there is a challenge ahead. Did I mention that my husband is a meat-eater?

I have several disclaimers to make before starting:

1. I am not a professional cook or chef. I have no background in cooking nor have I ever been to a culinary institute.

2. Generally, I don’t use measurements when cooking..I kinda go off instinct or what looks about right, which usually leads to a trial by error approach. But I have received compliments on my cooking from family and friends if that helps.

3. I am not a really healthy vegetarian. I am what is called lacto-ovo-vegetarian, I eat cheese, milk, eggs etc. I try to cut back since I’m slightly lactose intolerant (who isn’t these days?) but none the less, I’m not a tofu or soy milk fanatic. My mom always said I was weird because I was a vegetarian who didn’t like vegetables. Which isn’t true..I always try to incorporate some kind of green in each meal.

Welp, that’s it for now. I have to think of a cool catch phrase to say at the end of these posts…


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